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Simple to Make Slime with Kids

  Making slime is all the craze! Using just a few ingredients you can make a hands-on experience for your kids. Slime reminds me of the days of Silly Putty. I remember saving money to buy the Silly Putty in the egg capsule. It you’re too young to remember, we used to take the Silly…

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Top 4 Best Cookie Recipes

I love cookies! You would think my favorite dessert was cake since I am a cake decorator. Truth be told, I would eat a moist (right out of the oven) chocolate chip cookie over cake any day. My sister Kathy and I used to buy the cookie dough in a tub and just eat it…

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Simple Easter Basket Cupcakes

Celebrate Easter with cupcakes!! I love how easy these cupcakes are to make. The first one is made with green frosting using a fork to make the grass. I found the mini ice cream cones at my local Target store, but you can get at Amazon link below. I have also seen these mini cones…

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Jill’s Quotables for March 2017

I dream and think in photo quotes. It’s been something I have done since I was a little girl. When I was younger, I would draw pictures, but now with photoshop, I can transform my thoughts in a more colorful way. My hope is the quotes will inspire you, encourage you, challenge you and promote…

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Create the Best Blog Name

Did you have a method of naming your child or children? Some name their child after a family member, friend, or celebrity. Others look through baby name books and make a short list of names, to finally agree on the perfect one. Giving your child a name is a big decision, as this will be…

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