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Releasing Ladybugs

Children are fascinated with insects. Using our Ladybug Lore Habitat we watched for a week as the larvae turned into pupas, then into ladybugs. Click here for information on Ladybug Lore Habitat (affiliate link) It was fun to hear all the stories the children made up about the ladybugs. As a teacher, it is always easier…

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Easy to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

Want to get super frustrated? Do what I did one hour before a dinner party. One of my guests loves deviled eggs. I had not intended on making them, but when I saw her at work, she said, “hope you’re making deviled eggs”. I thought, of course I can whip up a batch for her….

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Simply Amazing Guacamole

I started eating the Eat Fat, Lose Fat way of eating three months ago. Turns out that avocados are the good fat, really good fat. Now, the best part is one of my students lives on an avocado grove. Her mom brings me organic avocados each week – just because. I love it. I have…

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Simple to Make Slime with Kids

  Making slime is all the craze! Using just a few ingredients you can make a hands-on experience for your kids. Slime reminds me of the days of Silly Putty. I remember saving money to buy the Silly Putty in the egg capsule. It you’re too young to remember, we used to take the Silly…

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