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15 Ways to More Time in Your Day

Your Free Ebook includes: 15 Tips for More Time in your Day A Time Inventory A 10-minute Cleaning System Weekly Planner Printable Weekly Schedule Printable As your CCM (Chief Creative Mom), my goal is equipping, energizing and empowering moms to give the best of themselves to the ones they love. I wrote this article for moms…

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It’s Spring Time Bee Cupcakes

The weather is changing and it’s time to make it a Sweet Spring. I just had to make these Bumble BEE cupcakes. Honestly, it’s the only bees I can be around since I am allergic to the real ones. With homemade cupcakes (see all delicious recipes) and fondant and edible eyes (see link below), you…

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ducksina row3

Keeping your Ducks in a Row

Copyright  by Jill C. Lodato 2017 Do you ever feel your life is out of balance? I call it being “off kilter”. You think everything is running smoothly and then something happens and you’ve strayed off course. As a mom this can happen daily. We wake to a dedicated plan only to have our children (or…

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