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Hearts of Truffles Valentines Cake

I was given a box of truffles and thought how fun it would be to make a cake for Valentines. The box of truffles came from Trader Joe’s, but you can buy them in most stores. You can actually use any candy to create this Valentines Heart Cake. It was fun making a video for…

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Teaching Writing the Easy Way

As a teacher, I am always thinking of ways to teach concepts that interest children. I’m not big on worksheets, but there is a time and place. This is especially true with writing. I realized that 13 of the Uppercase letters start with a line. I made up a song (in the shower) to teach…

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Letter & Phonics Fun

Teaching letter sounds (phonics) to form word (phonemic awareness) is a developing skill for preschool and early elementary children. We need to make it fun and engaging for the children to grasp. Here I show a fun way using Duplo blocks to build letters to form three-letter words. Supplies: Duplo blocks (or an building items)…

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Make a Personalized Cake Topper

Let’s make your special occasion cake personalized. Don’t write on the cake, make your own cake topper. Using pre-cut wood numbers or letters and stickers, and some paint – you can make this. What you need: Pre-cut wood number or letter. I bought a unfinished wood #3 High gloss acrylic paint (your color choice) Paint…

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Make a Fondant Bow

You can make a fondant bow the simple way. You will need: Fondant (your choice of color) Fondant roller or rolling pin (use can also use PVC pipe) Pizza cutter or knife ruler water paint brush (or use end of towel) paper powdered sugar or corn starch (if fondant is sticking to board) Follow the…

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Lemon Turmeric Vegetable Soup

This is my go to soup when I am not feeling well. Whether sick with a cold or the flu, these healing nutrients always make me feel better. My boys love it too. Also, it is low calorie for those keeping tabs on their caloric intake. The entire soup is just under 300 calories that…

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