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Easter Bunny Basket Cake

Watch how to make this Simple Easter Bunny Basket Cake Click here to learn how to Make this Cake You will Need: Baked and cooled cake – Frosted with buttercream Buttercream (see recipe below) Bunny Peeps (I used the larger ones) Deep Pink Americolor gel Twizzlers ( I used yellow) Jelly beans or Pastel Almonds…

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newborn butterfly

Releasing Butterflies

Today I released my butterflies. It was a 21 day journey. From baby caterpillars to watching them create their cocoon. Watching them emerge into beautiful and unique butterflies was wonderful. But releasing them was the most fantastic part. Seeing the butterflies take their new freedom flight was quite a sight. My dog Ruby nudged them…

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Make Sweet Spring Cookies for Easter

I love the colors of spring. Bright and bold yellows, blues, pinks, purple, orange, and greens. Each year I buy a few bags of jellybeans and display in jars around my house. It greets my guests with something sweet and the colors radiate “It’s spring!”. You won’t see black jelly beans in the jars as…

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